About Us

Seniors Phones is a Gold Coast based business in Queensland, Australia. We have been operating for 9 years.

At Seniors Phones we realised that there are not a lot of devices available that are aimed at helping our senior population keep in touch with loved ones and their support base. Most of the current technology is aimed at the younger generation and everything just keeps getting smaller, not ideal for those of us with eyesight or hearing that is starting to wane.

Our aim at Seniors Phones is to bring to you the products that can assist you in your daily life, to make it just that little bit easier.

It is a fact of life that, the older we get, the more our eyesight and hearing will degrade. Which is why all our phones will have large buttons so you can actually see the numbers. All our products will have large screens with bright LED lights, some are hearing aid compatible, some have adjustable ringer volume (up to 90dB), SOS emergency pendants, programmable emergency calls and much more…

Our range will continue to grow with other helpful products that are not currently available in Australia. Our seniors aids range will also include (in the future) mobility, disability and healthcare devices. We welcome you to browse our product selection.

We are a business run by Seniors, caring for Seniors.


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